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The Beauty of the Human Body

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WHY Choose Anatomy and Physiology?

The human body is an intricate and complex machine. Like other mechanical systems or tools, all of its parts should be optimally functional for it to work correctly. Anatomy is the study of the structures associated with the human body and how the body parts are organized. Physiology is the study of the function of the body parts, what they do and how they do it.


  • Learn about the various parts of the human body, how these structures function and how they interact with the brain
  • Understand the basic human anatomy and physiology to build a foundation for future college and university allied health programs
  • Discover the basic elements of determining diseases and abnormalities from the body's normal structure and function


An associate of science in Biology with an Anatomy and Physiology focus can lead to a range of professions with additional study, from pharmacology and forensic science to scientific writing. Many people go into physiotherapy-related occupations or exercise physiology. Courses can be the foundation for four-year college studies in various biology fields.

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